Shipping & Handling

Standard Delivery - For most orders, allow up to 10 business days for delivery.

All T-Shirts:

  • 1st Product = $3.99 / Additional Product +$1.25

Adult Hoodie:

  • 1st Product = $6.50 / Additional Product +$2.00

Kid Hoodie:

  • 1st Product = $3.99 / Additional Product +1.25

Hats & Caps:

  • 1st Product = $3.99 / Additional Product +1.25

Totes & Bags:

  • 1st Product = $3.99 / Additional Product $1.25


  • 1st Product = $6.99 / Additional Product $4.00


  • 1st Product = $3.99 / Additional Product $1.25

*The cost for shipping one t-shirt is $3.99 which is the price in the 1st product row. Then if an order has 2 t-shirts, the shipping for the second t-shirt will cost $1.25 which is the price in the additional product row. All together the cost for shipping two t-shirts is $5.24.

*To get the shipping cost for an order with a hoodie and an apron, see whichever one has the highest shipping cost in the 1st product row. Shipping for a hoodie is $6.50 and $2 for each additional product, and for an apron, it's $3.99 and $1.25 for each additional product. The highest price for the 1st product in this example would be the hoodie, so you should use that and add the apron's additional product shipping cost to cover it. All together, shipping a apron and a hoodie would cost $7.75 in this example.




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